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Are you the right person who has what it takes to: 

  • Become a SUCCESSFUL business and executive coach?
  • RESPECT learning with HIGH STANDARDS?
  • Do you want to help others in growing their businesses?
  • Do you want to help others overcome their boundaries? 
  • Do you believe in INVESTMENTS that make sense?

If yes, then you are in the right place!

Many traditional Businessmen and Businesswomen struggle to achieve success…

One of the big reasons people struggle to achieve success is because they don't know how to use their available resources and what to focus on.

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Business Coach and Executive Coach


Become an EFFECTIVE Business Coach and Executive Coach by using a proven PROCESS applied by companies such as Google, LinkedIn and Intel, helping your clients and their businesses reach their goals and dreams while creating a steady stream of profits.
Business Coaching Advanced
JOIN the Academy of ecoCoach! Join our program Business Coaching OPEN! Meet and learn from HIGHLY TALENTED and EXPERIENCED business/executive coaches from all over the world. BE PART OF A FAST GROWING TREND! 

Be part of our MASTERMIND group comprised of 8-12 people where you will gain new tools, knowledge, information, learn from each other and build deep relationships. You will create friendships for life as well as business partners.

 What will you gain from this program?

  • Successfully develop YOUR OWN BUSINESS as a Business Coach and Executive Coach!
  • Set goals for your dreams and realize them!
  • Support companies in their growth and CHANGING THE WORLD while doing so!
  • INSPIRE, improve dramatically the lives of others and turn companies into profitable enterprises! 
  • An OPPORTUNITY to work with millionaires and become one yourself.
  • Be part of a global business community with PROFESSIONAL coaching tools.

Join the Academy of ecoCoach and start you career as a Business Coach today!!!

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Business Coaching OPEN Warsaw

COMMIT and become a Business Coach and Executive Coach and you will...

CONFIDENTLY approach various businesses, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and start-ups to provide PROFESSIONAL 6-month coaching processes reaching your clients' goals.

Create a positive impact on work-life and living habits.  EMPOWERING your clients in ACHIEVING multiple goals. 


Support your clients in making BETTER CHOICES and achieve SUCCESS they always dreamt of.

Meet the people behind this revolutionary idea:

Marek Wzorek, ecoCoach, Academy of ecoCoach

Marek Wzorek

CEO and founder of ecoCoach, entrepreneur, executive coach, leadership mentor, teal organizations and self-management change-maker, lecturer, keynote speaker, helped hundreds of businesses and leaders to grow. Author of the bestseller in Poland “Od hierarchii do turkusu, czyli jak zarządzać w XXI wieku” (book is now translated and will be published in English with working title: “Self-management in organizations. Way to grow innovative companies in 21st century”)

He founded ecoCoach which supports CEOs and entrepreneurs to grow their business successfully and quickly. ecoCoach is team of business coaches and executive coaches using self-management and holacracy practices, OKR and platform to grow fast and help their clients to grow fast and scale-up. To share his experience and knowledge from modern business and startups, he reserves each year his time to lecture students and young entrepreneurs at Kozminski University and Asbiro University.
Agnieszka Miliszkiewicz-Pajdzińska, ecoCoach, Academy of ecoCoach

Agnieszka Miliszkiewicz-Pajdzińska

I have more than 12 years of experience in business coaching, in working with well-known corporates and individual clients. My expertise in Business Coaching has been applauded due to my years of experience and the appropriate usage of Business Coaching tools that differ from client to client and their myriad business situations. In 2015, I achieved the International Coaching Community’s - ICC certificate and in the following years (2019 and 2020), I participated in ecoCoach Business Coaching OPEN program, and was awarded the eCC certificate. I feel proud to be a part of this highly vibrant community of professional Business Coaches and be a member of the ecoCoach Community. I specialize in the sectors of FMCG, pharmacy, gastronomy (HoReCa), retail, and production and banking industries.

Some of my Business Coaching services have been well received by my clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Google, Sturbucs, Triumph, Inco Veritas, Accenture, Agora SA, Adidas, Reckitt Benckiser, Wiedza i Praktyka, Sanofi, Mondelez, Lego. I have also served in companies such as Amrest (Sturbucs), Nissan, Feblik, Customeritum. Professionally, my areas of functionalities are rooted in working with HR management services. Currently, I am also working as a Human Resources Director at a construction company and my extensive professional and coaching experience allows me to fully support clients from various sectors and industries. I am also successfully operating my own coaching and recruitment company in Poland. I possess an excellent command in English and Russian language at a conversational level.

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Patryk Adamczak, Hanna Jaroszek, Terazcoaching, Success

What is #Morefreedom and what's in it for you?

You will learn:

  • How to become a successful Business Coach?
  • How to start your career as Business Coach?
  • How to find the best way to start with ecoCoach? 
  • How to learn and grow with us?

Freedom with ecoCoach!!!
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Academy of ecoCoach now brings exciting ways to make your learning experience more convenient and easy to learn. GROW and DREAM BIG! 
Christian Parasiewicz, Franciszek Milczarski, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Business success
Now you can join Business Coaching OPEN by enrolling in the online program starting this year! Attend our #Morefreedom weekly webinar and know more on how to begin your career as a Business Coach. Avail flat 30% discount on enrollment fee when you sign-up for the course within 24 hours. Copy the link to your browser and register yourself for #Morefreedom. Visit

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Christian Parasiewicz, Franciszek Milczarski, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Business success